About us

Atlantis Woodworking and Fabrication is a custom wood, metal, acrylic and solid surface fabrication company. We finish our projects in house with finishes which are both safe for the environment and extremely durable. We can build, refinish, and recreate or design anything you can imagine. Our company has refinished and designed small items from coffee tables to complete custom room renovations. We build in all areas from residential, industrial, commercial, and even in marine environments.

We specialize in custom everything; from, tables, benches, trim, mantles, shelves, bookcases, display cases, crown molding, countertops, cabinets, refinishing, and fabricating from drawings. We store a lot of exotic woods in house on our drying racks to ensure a stable final product. We are one of the few who pay attention to the moisture content of the wood we are building with. Our products will last and are built to account for movement and seasonal change.

We are one of the areas only GREEN/Eco finishing companies utilizing no voc or low voc products. We can get you the look your after without making a biohazard mix of chemicals for the finish. This will end up in your home so breathing in fumes is something we don’t want our customers to endure. All of our stains and dyes are water-soluble and do not require the toxic solvent bases for application. This helps reduce our impact on the environment because we don’t create any toxic waste from finishing supplies.

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